the Soul Money Mastermind

An innovation in science, strategy & spirituality. 

Expanding you & your business at a cellular level.

For years I have been running & attending masterminds, witnessing the shifts & struggles.

Unwittingly designing the container I WISH I’d had when I scaled from small fry to big fish.

What I learnt was the ultimate hack

Service + Strategy + Science + Soul = SUCCESS

These are the four pillars that hold up the Soul Money Mastermind.

This is where the Soul Money Mastermind stands out …

✓ We’re doing this one to one AND as a group mastermind.

✓ It’s fast-paced and results-driven over 3 month term with an option to roll over monthly until you have acquired everything you need to acquire from this Soul Money container.

✓ It’s a fraction of the price of a standard 12 month 50k mastermind.

✓ For men AND women.

✓ With WEEKLY accountability (so there’s no getting away from your success).

✓ A hive-mind of fellow entrepreneurs rooting for you and pushing you forward.

✓ Combining science, strategy & spirituality.

✓ For life AND business.

It’s about more than just money,

this is truly magical life design.

✓ Access to the team responsible for my personal success.

✓ Full transparency on how we run my empire of businesses, whilst teaching you how to think for yourself (insight: you don’t need a cookie-cutter business model… you need to learn how to be led by your Soul truth).

✓ Spiritual forecasts & weather reports so you can’t use Mercury retrogrades as excuses either!

✓ A life-changing lesson in radical self-love and personal responsibility.

There’s only one catch:

I’m opening 8 spaces. That’s it.

One could be yours. 

Update: 2 of these are already taken!

Check you meet the criteria to join before booking in a call: 

You must be already earning between 50k and 500k (doesn’t matter if this isn’t directly through your biz at the moment)

You must be willing to take radical personal responsibility to do the damn work, and stay in the energy no matter how uncomfortable or challenging it gets.

When you make the Soul decision to join me and 7 others, together we will

Bring you home to your Soul truth with a little Priestess magic (and a personalised Astrology & Numerology reading)


Sort out your branding and your niche (including your copy with our kick as copy team)

Get your tech on point (including website design & build support, CRM support & marketing funnel tech support)

Help you design & create your products & services

Show you how to build & grow your email list

Leverage your social media presence & monetise your audience

Help you manage your time, energy & your ego

Turn you into a master manifestor

Gift you with the Inside-secrets on how the Universe actually works (this in itself is worth the investment)

Transform your identity and how you show up in the world

Get you into alignment with the energy of Source

Free you from everything that previously held you back

Co-create a life & business beyond your wildest dreams

 In short. We’ll sprinkle that Ask Harriette magic all over your life & business

To do this 1:1 in person with me would require a minimum investment of 30k, but it’s yours for just a fraction of the amount.

Here’s what’s included when you join:

 Monthly Membership access – for magical coaching, guidance & support

 1 x 1 Hour 1:1 session with me per month

 One online group Zoom training call per month – this is your time to be taught, coached, and ask all your questions about life & business from me and our guest experts.

 Weekly individual accountability calls with my team –  to keep you laser focused (this is absolute gold for keeping you on track)

 2 Hours of Tech Support per month – with my team to help you with all your tech needs

A Numerology report from your Priestess (that’s me) 😉 


  Access to specially curated content from the Ask Harriette Archives while enrolled in the Mastermind.

Learn even more on your own time. We’ve selected the best of the best, highest-value Ask Harriette trainings & our guest expert trainings, to ensure you are fully versed in EVERYTHING you need to guarantee your success.

You’ll also have access to recordings of all of our live calls.

 All for a monthly investment of £1222!

Just imagine what your life and business could look like 3 months from now!

Babe you might have noticed, but the world has changed, and you are very quickly becoming the source of your own security & stability.

Nothing is guaranteed anymore, apart from you, your commitment and your creations.

Which begs the question, what are you committed to create?

Monthly Investment

£1222 Monthly

Today’s investment of £1222 will guarantee you a spot in the Soul Money mastermind. 

The minimum commitment term is three months after which you can still get all the benefits of the Soul Money Mastermind on a rolling monthly plan.


three month Investment

*Most Popular*

Choose this option and receive these bonuses: 

2 hours with our Copywriter

1 x 2 hour Kinesiology session

Today’s investment will cover the three month commitment term after which you can still get all the benefits of the Soul Money Mastermind on a rolling monthly plan.


What are the dates of the calls

You will be able to book your 1:1 calls* with Harriette at a time that is convenient to you.

Group calls will be with Harriette or one of our guest experts.

For 2020 they will be held:


Thursday 16th April 18:30

Thursday 21st May 15:30

Monday 8th June 15:30

All times are in UK Time.

*Please note, we will do our absolute best to stick to this schedule, however, these are subject to change if an unforeseen incident arises. All video calls WILL BE RECORDED and you will have access to them in the Soul Money Mastermind dashboard while you’re an active member of the Mastermind.

You can use this website to convert it to your local time.

When will the accountability calls be?

The Weekly Accountability calls (WACs) will be held on an individual basis with my team. Once you’ve secured your slot you’ll be able to schedule you weekly 20 minute slot for the duration of the Mastermind.

what will the weekly accountability calls entail?

We’ve found that the key to Mastermind success is having people to keep you accountable.

The weekly accountability calls are our way to ensure this.

Each call will be no longer than 20 minutes* and focus on key tasks for the upcoming week.

* With the exception of your first two accountability calls. A welcome call followed by a strategy call with both be 45minutes – 1 hour. 

What does the Tech Support include?

Each month you have 2 hours of tech support from my incredible team. To arrange your tech support simply email them at

Hours can not be rolled over past a month and will be forfeited if not used.

You will also have access to a tech dashboard which will cover all the tech basics you need.

what is a numerology report?

A Numerology report is a reading of your numerology, which is based on your date of birth. 

We use Tantric Numerology to determine your Soul, Karma, Gift, Destiny and Path numbers. 

Each number has a meaning of its own which develops further when combining it with your other numbers. 

Numerology can help us to understand the life path we are taking, what gifts are innate to us and what destiny lies ahead if we can resolve our karma.

Your Numerology Report will include a written breakdown of your numbers and ana more in-depth audio reading. 

what is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a gentle and non invasive therapy. It gives your body a voice, perhaps for the first time. It is a way of getting feedback from your body, via the muscles, about what creates stress for you at a deeper level; this could be nutritionally, physically, mentally or emotionally. 

It can help with:


-Health concerns that aren’t resolving, these could be physical, mental or emotional.

– Support with making or achieving life or work goals; it is great for up levelling, mindset, focus and clarity.

– Dietary concerns, which may include food sensitivities or intolerances, losing weight or giving up sugar. 

Here’s what previous Mastermind members Have achieved

I’m so grateful I joined the Soul Money Mastermind!

Working with Harriette and Mia and the team has been an incredible experience. The mastermind was everything I was looking for to move my business to the next level.

  1. I nailed down a solid and specific plan for my client offerings.
  2. I created a daily schedule to stay focused.
  3. I was pushed to think bigger in terms of what I desired and challenged to set higher monetary goals (that I ended up exceeding).
  4. I was held accountable for my short-term goals on a weekly basis.
  5. I felt constantly supported.

Thank you for guiding me and creating the confidence I needed to defy my upper limits. I’ll be back!

Carly Hamilton Jones

Working with Harriette and her team over the course of the last four months has been an absolute total joy for me. I joined the Mastermind just days before I found I was expecting my first baby. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. 

The support I received from Harriette and her team was exactly what I needed, during a season of life where I couldn’t depend on my usual hustle mentality, and instead had to really ground into my energy and magnetize the success I was yearning for from a place of alignment, grace and self-trust. 

Harriette helped me get clear on how I best served my clients and create an easy, soul-filled program from that place. Through a numerology reading she was able to affirm my strengths, and help me really own my magic as a coach. 

I then put these plans into the action through weekly accountability calls with Mia. I took advantage of Mia’s killer copywriting skills and of Ellie’s tech expertise. Mia also helped me ground into my flow every week, and resist the urge to hustle, overthink, and over-do things. 

I’ve sold out half of the seats in my new program and I’m expecting a $50K launch! An easy, flowy, and fully aligned 50K launch at that. 

Loraine M. Bellamy

And now it’s your turn!